Let me take you to a magical place where everything is beautiful…
Let me take you to Folegandros!
A closely guarded secret in the heart of the Aegean; A sun-drenched island which starts to unfold its beauty before you, the moment you reach the port of Karavostasi. Old churches, sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters, and delightful squares await you so that you can enjoy the island’s hospitality and sample traditional rakomelo and matsata!

Welcome to Folegandros!

You will be astounded by the beauty of the many quaint churches and the white-washed houses with the colourful doors and windows and by the uncluttered beaches with amazing waters! There are numerous, picturesque, cobbled squares lined with tables waiting for you to join everyone else and become part of a group as you drink rakomelo and sing together!


Known to the locals as ‘Chora’, the town of Folegandros is built inside a castle on the edge of a sheer cliff and is unarguably one of the most beautiful and well-preserved in the Aegean while the view from Punda square is guaranteed to take your breath away. As you walk through Dounavi square or Piazza or Maraki square, or as you brush past the walls of the traditional Cycladic houses and chapels it is almost impossible not to feel as if you are a part of this marvelous world. All this beauty and the fresh sea breeze are bound to arouse your appetite so don’t miss out on sampling local delicacies such as cooked capers and the traditional pasta, matsata!


Agali, Agios Georgios, Vardia Livadaki, Chochlydia, Galley… crystal clear waters and untouched beaches with small pebbles or sand. You can walk there, take a boat, hire a moped or even take a bus – the choice is yours. All you have to do is bring your supplies and your book, enjoy the gentle lapping of the waves and become a part of the magic.


The church of Panagia which is perched on a cliff-top above Chora was built on the sight of an ancient temple and renovated in 1687. Among the historical beauties are the ancient inscriptions and the amazing Episcopal icon of the Virgin Mary. the view from here is breathtaking!

Climbing to the Church of the Virgin Mary

As you climb the many broad steps, you may be out of breath, but at every turn the view of the town becomes even more magnificent. Fifteen minutes later,you are in the courtyard of an imposing, three-domed church which houses the icon of the Virgin Mary. At Easter-time, the icon is removed and leads the procession around the island, where all the houses open their doors to welcome it into their homes. This unique experience is not to be missed if you are in Folegandros at Easter.


The warm hospitality of the island’s residents will make you its most loyal friend and guardian of its beauty.


The unique white stone houses and the whitewashed yards lead you to the threshold of Pantanassa.

Looking for the beaches

Agali, Katergo, Livadi, Agios Nikolaos, Ampeli… Beautiful beaches with white sand or pebbles and crystal waters will guarantee an unforgettable experience in the Aegean sea.